With over 20 years of operational and strategic excellence, Rayan Investment Angola (RIA) is a leader in the import, distribution and manufacture of fast moving consumer goods.  Established since 1997, RIA has earned distinguished success and presence in the Angolan market with a wide ranging portfolio representing leading global brands like Alpro Soya, Brittania Biscuits, Smilde Foods margarine and Spritex from Denka. In addition we distribute and market a range of our own private label brands including Delicia which is the clear market leader  in mayonnaise. Our extensive infrastructure includes large warehouses, all strategically located in the capital Luanda and its surrounding provinces, various distribution facilities under continuous expansion and a modern tissue converting factory specializing in hygiene tissue production.

Our ambition at RIA is to competitively source and deliver quality products to meet the desires of the Angolan market while fostering excellent relationships with our suppliers and customers.  Dynamic and customer-driven, our expertise and detailed understanding of the Angolan market is the foundation of our resilient and strategic position; we are always moving forwards, with and ahead of market developments.